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Which Way Alice by N-arteest
Which Way Alice
This is a photomanipulation, which, were I much better at painting with a brush and a canvas, I would have love to do by hand (but alas, I am not good at all with a brush, lack the patience and skill to do it by hand, and do not think a finelined version would be worthy, thus, I went to my trusty laptop, opened up photoshop and decided to go from there).  Although I called this 'Which Way Alice' this one isn't really an 'Alice in Wonderland' scene.  But rather, it's based on the idea of Alice in Wonderland, and grew to be something else entirely.  

When I started out with this, I began with two thoughts:
1) An Alice image, a girl in wonderland.
2) An image about a girl who has a number of choices in front of her, all looking decidedly positive and good..  But which one is the right one?  

For more details about the Work In Progress as well as my thought processes when it came to its creationg and my own opinion, I wrote about it on my blog while writing about something else!  wordsthatflowlikewater.wordpre…

I had a thought of making this available as a print, but as I've never before wanted something printed, I don't know.  But maybe, if I get enough views, I seek out the necessary permissions and make this available as a print.  As for now!  This has been made as a 1366x768 sized wallpaper (and of which is currently set as my laptop wallpaper, as I've mentioned previously, I love being able to make my own wallpapers and really loving them too).  Hmm I'd actually love to have this as a jigsaw puzzle lol.  Maybe one day, for my kids if I ever have any! Haha.

Of course, I could still improve on this!  But this is the first time I've done something so detailed in terms of photomanipulation.  I never thought I could, but well!

Credits: (This couldn't have been done without these beautiful, magnificient resources!)

HERE by Kechake-stock
Hair: HERE by CindysArt 
Chicken: HERE by danielle
Lamp Post: HERE by kuschelirmel-stock
HERE by DoloresMinette
Background (Rock): HERE by wintersmagicstock
Background (Moss on Rocks): 
HERE by leeorr-stock
Background (Labyrinth): HERE by kuschelirmel-stock 
Background (Graveyard Scene 1--background): HERE by Einheit00
Background (Graveyard Scene 3--foreground): HERE by Ange1ica-Stock
Background (Graveyard Scene Grim): HERE by Dragoroth-stock
Background (Weird Door In the Forest -- door): HERE by MirandaRose-Stock
Background (Weird Door In the Forest -- Environment): HERE by MirandaRose-Stock 
Background (Lake scene--background): HERE by Einheit00
Background (Lake scene --middle ground): HERE by WakefieldDesigns
Background (Lake scene--midde ground--water reflection):  HERE by Sed-rah-Stock
Background (Lake scene--middle ground--bridge):  
HERE by MirandaRose-Stock 
Background (Lake scene--far right next to the archway): HERE by Malleni-Stock
Background (Lake scene--foreground, mini waterfall): 
HERE by  GoblinStock
Background (Lake scene--foreground--puddle of water): Made in photoshop by me.
Background (Staircase): HERE by mirengraphics
Background (Archways 1): 
HERE by WelshDragonStockNArt
Background (Archways 2): 
HERE by NickiStock
Background (Stars): 
HERE by  kuschelirmel-stock 
Background (Grass): HERE by zememz
Background (Angel 1): 
HERE by DemoncherryStock
Background (Angel 2): HERE by AshenSorrow
Background (Angel 3): 
HERE by AshenSorrow
Background (Clearing): 
HERE by MGB-Stock
Background (Sunset): HERE by MissyStock
Ivy 1: HERE by gd08
Ivy 2: HERE by gd08
Mushrooms:  HERE by mrscats
Emancipation by N-arteest
This is the third one in my water series.   This time, called, "Emancipation".    She is a creature of water, or the embodiment of water that has come to emancipate the dry lands when the summer turns to autumn turns to winter for places where rain and water is scarce.

Model that it's based on:  HERE by F2FStocks
And the Brushes used! From here:…

Inspired by this:…
Euphoria by N-arteest
This is the second one in my water series.   This time, called, "Euphoria".   For when there is water, there is life, and there is nothing but to be euphoric about it.

Model that it's based on:  HERE by F2FStocks
And the Brushes used! From here:…

Inspired by this:…
Sweet Surrender by N-arteest
Sweet Surrender
The second time I tried out the water technique that I used for the scorpion for Scorpio!  
This one is called "Sweet Surrender" for the surrender of a water maiden to the forces of nature that won't allow her to stay.  
There are currently two more to this mini series.   

Model that it's based on:  HERE by faestock
And the Brushes used! From here:…

Inspired by this:…
FYI I am not abandoning this project, it's just on temporary hiatus.  It seems I have burnt out my inspiration and desire to compose the minor arcana.  Everything looks unpleasant and gross.  So I decided to put it on hold until I get more inspired.  It's a big series after all.  Not to mention, I'm not happy with the Page of Cups and the Queen of Cups I've already finished.

On the other hand, I have been trying some other things.  Truthfully I didn't want to do another pisces so soon, but in the end, it seems to be what I did.  This time though, it's a photomanipulation concept.  Unfortunately, I feel like I it could be reworked, yet at the same time I kind of like what I've done.  But yes!  That's the update for now!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Art for me is something I only do in my free time. I admire the works that people create, the meanings behind the works created, and the effort artists put into creating them. I usually prefer using a fineliner only to create many interesting effects but I also highly enjoy working in photoshop designing and experimenting with layers upon layers to create different effects.

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